Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Short Review of Four Inks

I recently had the good fortune of a fellow FPNer sending me some ink samples! A shoutout to kpatters5274, thank you so much!

After trying them all out... I think Upper Ganges Blue is going on my "To Buy" list!

Without further ado, some pictures!

The inks gifted were Noodler's Antietam, Tiananmen, Upper Ganges Blue and Rohrer and Klinger Alt-Bordeaux.

First up, Noodler's Antietam

Then, we have Noodler's Tiananmen...

Then we have Upper Ganges Blue...

Last, but not least.... R&K Alt-Bordeaux

I hope this was useful! Thanks again to my fellow FPNer for the chance to try out these inks! Leave me a comment if you would like more information!

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