Friday, 2 October 2015

Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year Series Review

Let's do a Edelstein Ink of the Year (IotY) series review to open October!

Essentially, what happens is Pelikan makes a colour each year and launches it around March. You'll have an entire year of this colour, then they stop making it. Each IotY is limited to one year only - if you want it after its run, you'll have to try eBay or FPN. Or if you're lucky, your local retailer might be able to get it for you. But why risk it? If you like the ink, go for it!

The IotY Series was kicked off with 2012's Turmaline (Plum), followed by Amber in 2013 (which coincided with Pelikan's 175th Anniversary), 2014's Garnet and with this year (2015)'s Amethyst.

I finally finished my IotY collection yesterday. So without further ado, here's some pictures and short reviews of them all!

BTW: Aquamarine is newly posted on the blog!
2012's Ink of the Year: Turmaline

First verse of Invictus in Turmaline
2013'S Ink of the Year: Amber

Second verse of Invictus in Amber
2014's Ink of the Year: Garnet

Third verse of Invictus in Garnet

2015's Ink of the Year: Amethyst

Last verse of Invictus in Amethyst
Full Invictus poem

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