Sunday, 27 September 2015


I think I'm spoilt. Oh my.

Spoilt by Noodler's... because now I insist that my inks must minimally be water-resistant. Better if they are partially bulletproof, or even fully bulletproof.

Which is why I was underwhelmed by the Iroshizuku line (that's good actually, for my wallet), and I don't plan on trying the Sailor/Bungbox inks (my wallet thanks me). Of course, they do have pigmented inks if I really wanted a waterproof ink, but nah. They are bland colours to me.

My daily use ink is Noodler's Liberty Elysium (LE), which is partially bulletproof. Next on the list is Icelandic Minty Bathwater, which is to some extent bulletproof, due to its components.

Of course, for inks I use occasionally (and on things that I don't plan to hand in), they can be totally non water resistant. I'm fine. (Ancient Copper, yup I'm looking at you.)

My obsessiveness over inks being water resistant came from my GP teacher two years back. I wrote with a FP on my comprehension script, and she told me she spilled water on it while marking. I was so glad that the ink used was LE so it was still legible. From then on I had this phobia over water ruining my script/homework and have never looked back on my choice of inks.

Noodler's is a brand I admire and like a lot. Come on, you've got to give the guy some credit, being a one-man show, he manages to create new inks, create new pens, and continue to churn out his regular lines. Plus, I like how he has a stand (see #41 Brown, Park Red, 54th Massachusetts etc), although I might not necessarily agree with his stand. Does the guy even sleep?

Still, I like the diversity of the FP world, even though I'm spoilt, there's still products for me to enjoy. Wonderful place this is.

BTW: Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

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