Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pelikan Hubs 2015 - Singapore

Tonight was the night!

It's Pelikan Hubs 2015 - Singapore!

This year's Hub was held at Pelikan Singapore.

There were door gifts to be given away for the Hub!

Some inks and pens
Door gifts

Even more door gifts get the idea

The event was scheduled to start at 1830 local time, but many people were delayed and it ended up starting at around 1920. In the meantime, we had dinner!

Preparing food

Ready to eat!

Come and eat me!

After dinner, the Hubmaster gave a little speech! And then we enjoyed a presentation by Pelikan.

Some of the crowd

More people
Glass display in the conference room - yes that's the new pink M600!

Glass display in the conference room - oh look, white tortoises!

Limited Edition Pelikans

Then, we broke up into small groups to talk and chit chat! There was a ink sampling station (which didn't prove too popular - I think it was due to the low profile place it was situated) and a lucky draw.

Ink Sampling Station

Chit Chat Time

Hey, nice pens!

Pretty handwriting!

I love Pelikan! <3

Pelikan's guest book

Pelikan's guest book

Group Photo!

My souvenirs! The paper cup, Pelikan brochure, Amethyst cartridges, Pelikan pen pouch 

My other souvenir - a signature sheet that shows everyone present!

I loved tonight! I hope you all loved it too! See you at the 2016 Hub!

PS. My thanks goes out to the wonderful staff at Pelikan Singapore, who stayed back after office hours to make this possible. Really, thank you so much! It would not have been possible without all of you - they're the ones with the red signatures ;)

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