Sunday, 18 September 2016

Pelikan Hub Singapore 2016

The event that's been on the pen enthusiast's mind this past week are the Pelikan Hubs.

Pelikan Hubs is a yearly event, where pen enthusiasts meet up at a venue on a date specified by Pelikan. The meet up is organised by someone chosen by Pelikan, the Hubmaster, who will find a venue and inform participants about it. Pelikan send along some door gifts for participants who come and shares a presentation. Then everyone has fun talking and playing with pens, inks and paper!

This year's Hub was held this past Friday, 16 September at 1830 local time. It was done at Pelikan Singapore's office!

Now what's an event without photos? So here goes!

Waiting for the event to start!
Food setup!
Food setup!
Door gifts
Ink Pyramid
The M10000! <3 It's actually a lamp

The night started with a short speech from the Hubmaster, after which a slideshow that was prepared by Pelikan was shown.

Slideshow time

Slideshow time

After that, we had a break for dinner!

Nice flower layout

Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious food!
Socialising over food

Then came the star attraction of the night - the interactions!
Ink swatches done by Hubmaster

And lastly, the group photo!

Souvenirs from the night - paper pad, pen pouch, Aquamarine ink and post card

I enjoyed myself tremendously on Friday - I hope you had some fun too!

See you in 2017!

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