Saturday, 3 September 2016

Noodler's Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate Review

They say the early bird catches the worm.

Well, I guess I was one today.

How early? How about first in Singapore early?

I am the first in the country to get my hands on this Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate! ;)

This was launched at the 2016 San Francisco Pen Show that ran from 26-28 August. The Singapore launch was today (2 September)

The background story to this ink is this:

"Pacific Dawn refers to the same Sun starting its journey across the Pacific from San Francisco to Singapore. This ink is a distinct blue like the dark blue one sees in the ocean at Dawn. When dried, a few drops of water like the morning mist will show red at the borders as if dawn has arrived

Noodler's Pacific Dawn at The Golden Gate is the Straits Pen Exclusive for the San Francisco Pen Show. A Bulletproof Blue ink with the Halo of Dawn, this includes a double sided label of Fort Mason on one side and the Golden Gate Bridge on the reverse. (Note that the Blue is bulletproof but the red element is not)"

(Extracted from

So my first thoughts, hmmm an interesting blue black (some call it a blue grey)... bulletproof somemore!

The first ink that popped into my mind for comparison was 54th Massachusetts. But that has green in it. Pity I don't have Bad Belted Kingfisher or Bad Blue Heron to compare it to.

It's definitely wetter than 54th though, which is a welcome. I found 54th too dry, which is why I don't use it despite the nice colour!

This picture shows the red halo (I got ink stains while I refilled my pen and lo and behold, the red stain)

Red halo? You betcha!

It's not a cut! That's the halo!

Lest you think it's only on the hand, I did get it on TR paper... Here are the pics!

Halo around the word 'fountain'.
Yes I know, it's the wrong spelling. It's late kay! ><

Here it's really obvious where the halo is....

The ink is used on three types of paper - 100gsm printer paper, Rhodia Grid and Tomoe River White

The first two is what I do my ink review on. The last showcases the halo (refer to previous two pictures).

So to the review proper...

Review sheet, 100gsm paper

Review sheet: Rhodia Grid

Strange, when it's wet it looks like a blue black to me, but once it dries, it's more of a blue grey...

Noodler's Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate is exclusively available at Straits Pen and is priced at USD12.50/SGD18.

PS. It does cause quite a bit of nib creep though - just be diligent in wiping it!

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