Saturday, 19 March 2016

Short Review of Muji B5 Notebook

Well, technically it wouldn't be a review in the strictest sense, but rather just some thoughts after trying out this notebook.

Just a little background. These notebooks were bought because I wanted to give them as gifts to my friends who have April birthdays! (April is a good month, I have three friends who were born in April whee!)

So I went to Muji, knowing that (most of) its products were fountain pen friendly.

I ended up with a B5, 80 page notebook that was made of 58% recycled paper that cost me $4.30 a book.

Anyhow, after writing in it, I think they're great! Plus, it helps that they can be fully turned about 360 degrees (if you're into that kind of thing)

Without further ado, some pictures!

Pen used: Lamy 2000. Ink used: Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite (not colour corrected)

Pen used: Pelikan Pharo. Ink used: Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst (not colour corrected)

Pen used: Pelikan M605. Ink used: Noodler's Liberty Elysium (not colour corrected)

Tag to look out for on the notebook!

I hope this was useful! I can't recommend it enough - great product that's affordable and durable!

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