Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mid month update on InCoWriMo

(This post is dedicated to my dear friends who indulge me in my letter writing hobby. Thank you for indulging a Luddite!)

Hi all,

It's just over the midway mark of February, and I'm happy to say I've finished this year's challenge already!

Yes I know it's early, because I tweaked the rules a little.

I have indeed written 29 different pieces and delivered them, but many of these 29 were written early, in Jan.

Well, I guess you could call it cheating yes, because I'm lazy to go out everyday to mail a piece. Can't really blame me for that now, can ya :P

Still, I'm going to continue writing and replying letters throughout the month! It's nice to see letters in the mailbox. I'm happy for having friends who take the effort to write! I'm thankful for these letters, so keep them coming! :D

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