Saturday, 11 July 2015

At last

I thought it was finally time to do an introduction.

It's been 8 months since this blog started. Yet there hasn't been a formal introduction. Seeing how I have some time today, perhaps I shall say something about myself.

They call me Lord Epic. You can call me LE or Epic. This name came along one day when a friend ask me to come up with a title for myself. (Before that, I had already decided that Epic was going to be my middle name.) Not wanting to sound pompous, I decided on Lord, instead of Emperor. And that's how it all begun. From then on, LE became the name I was known by on various platforms, including Fountain Pen Network (FPN).

I like to read and write. Though I haven't much patience, so hey, who knows, I may close this down in the near future. We shall see. FPs are my interest, and so this page provides the occasional ink review (I have lots of inks, whether by choice or by accident!) I'm not inclined to doing pen reviews because there are already so many out there, but that may change in the future if I find a pen that has hardly been reviewed, for example.

Oh, and I'm a lazy person. Which explains the irregular posts. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say. Nothing to share either. Then it's not really my fault anyhow, is it?

That's about all. Leave me a comment if you have questions, and I may (or may not) answer them.

PS. Why did I say it was time? Because I broke the 1k view mark.

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