Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hunting down the elusive Daiso FP!

After a long time (and spanning two countries!) - I finally got my hands on a Daiso fountain pen last night.

Being elusive - so no, no pics from me ;)

Daiso is a Japanese lifestyle store that has many branches in several countries. Most of the items they carry cost $2 here, which is pretty affordable in itself.

Since they carried a house brand FP, and because of iI mits generally positive reviews, I decided to get one to try out.

My first impression of it was, hey it's surprisingly light!

Then it was: I like how easy it is to remove the nib and feed! (Let's just say some pens have their nib and feed glued in :O)

Previously I had gotten a Platinum Riviere from Daiso also, and while I liked the nib, I found its plastic body to be way too fragile.

So I swopped out the nibs of these two pens! The house brand FP now carries the Platinum nib, and writes awesome!

I like that pen. It outwrites its competition anytime. For the price I really have nothing to complain about!

Now that I've had my taste of it - I think I'll pass it on to someone else... so I can poison them into FPs...

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