Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday's Goodies - Vintage Rhodia Notebook Wallets

Some time back, I chanced on All Things Stationery's post on a webshop called Youse that sold vintage stationery. In her post, she said she got some vintage Rhodia Notebook Wallets from the site. For me, it was love at first sight. Being a lover of history and historical memorabilia,  I had to get those Notebook Wallets! So with a few clicks, I paid for two of them and waited eagerly.

That was last Wednesday. And today, they landed in my mailbox <3 <3 <3

Did I mention they look better in person?

Let's start with a little history of Rhodia. Rhodia was founded in Lyon, France back in 1934 by two brothers Samuel and Jean-Abel Verilhac. In Lyon there was the Rhône river and the people born in the region were known as Rhodaniens. This was where the name Rhodia came from. The logo was designed by Maria-Antonia, the wife of one of the brothers, and shows two spruce trees, which represented the two brothers. A closer look at it reveals that the two trees are not identical and they are linked by a line to show that the brothers worked together.

Till today, all of Rhodia's paper is still made in France. In 1997, they were bought by Clairefontaine and production transferred to Mulhouse, in Alsace, France. The orange cover dates back to 1934, and remains unchanged to this day.

Okay, now that the history is out of the way, let's talk about these two vintage Rhodia Notebook Wallets. They were made in the 1960s and probably used in school. There's 50 A4 sheets inside each wallet. But I'm not going to use them much. Vintage paper being vintage, if you use one there's one less, so I'll definitely keep most of it. I'll put modern paper in the wallets and bring it around on my adventures!

Without further ado, some pictures!

There's still a few wallets left on Youse's site, but be quick because fastest fingers first! These are rare and if you like them, go get it as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

Footnote: Some links that I referenced in today's post. (All Things Stationery - Youse Stationery Haul) (Youse's website)

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