Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Aurora 88K...

The Parker 51 has been regarded by many to be the holy grail, the pen that one must gets.

Well, I have nothing against the 51, maybe except for the filling mechanism. Aeromatric is difficult to clean out, and Vacumatic is troublesome to fill (in my opinion anyway).

So, I've got myself a compromise. Enter the Aurora 88K. Made after WWII and modeled after the popular Parker 51, this pen sold five million! But this is a piston filler, and not aeromatric or vacumatic, so it looks like it's a winner with me!

Why the 88K and not the 88? Because the 88K was improvised! It had a full celluloid body, a new laminated feed that was claimed to better regulate ink flow and a plastic piston head.

It is being filled with Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite, which is a blue black (and pretty too!) I like 4001 Blue Black, but the fading was the dealbreaker. Luckily, Tanzanite doesn't fade!

Here are some pictures!

PS. Funny how I never considered getting Italian pens before my previous purchase (the Danitrio Cum Laude), and now I've got two Italian pens in a row. Ah well, but that's how things turn out in life - you can never expect it!

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