Sunday, 23 August 2015

Pelikan Edelstein Inks

Pelikan, in recent years, has launched a premium line of inks named Edelstein. Edelstein, meaning "gemstone" in German is based on the colours of various gemstones. These inks have an "Extra Soft" quality to it, which by Pelikan's definition is that it protects the insides of your piston pen as well as make your writing more smooth. In addition to the eight regular colours in the lineup, Pelikan comes up with a Limited Edition colour each year, named the Ink of the Year. This ink is made for a year, and when all stocks are out, that's it.

This year (2015), Pelikan has gone the unconventional route. This year's ink colour is Amethyst, a rich tone with a little shading in it. However, this was not made in Pelikan's R&D department, instead this was made with the input of fans all around the world, with fans getting the chance to create a ink online and naming it, and the ink that got the most votes would be the one produced. Amethyst won, and thus was born.

Without further ado, the inks! Which do you like? Let me know in the comments! Paper is Rhodia No.16 Grid, with all inks done with a Pilot Tank M nib.

Notable absentees: Turmaline (Ink of the Year 2012) and Garnet (Ink of the Year 2014)

I hope this was useful and brightened up your day! Enjoy!

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